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Our Story

Agri-Access (WA) Pty Ltd (AAWA) is an Australian Company which was incorporated in 2013. AAWA was created at the request of Western Australian growers to provide fertilizer price transparency and to enhance decision making for farmers' highest cost input. Following a successful trial in the 2013 season, the service has grown quickly and AAWA now has over 230 farmer clients who use in excess of 250,000 tonnes of fertilizer.

Agri-Access Australia Pty Ltd (AAA) was incorporated late 2013 to represent overseas fertilizer producers in the Australian market. AAA currently represents 4 global manufacturers or marketers, and assists them in supplying their fertilizer products to Australian companies, and ensuring that their supply chains minimise the risks of the introduction of exotic pests or diseases that may affect Australia's agricultural industries. 

AAWA and AAA are key parts of the Agri-Access Australia Group.

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